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Stocklot Papers

Whether you are a manufacturer of any kind of paper or packaging raw materials or a trader. Contact us for superior prices


We are in paper and packaging business for decades. So we have a huge variety of stocklot papers. Whether you are a seller or buyer of stocklot paper, contact us to establish a fruitful business relationship.

Please find our stocklot paper that we work mostly;

1)  OPP film

2)     PE film

3)     PET/PE film

4)     PA/PE film

5)     PET film

6)  PET/ALU/PE film

7)  PAPER/ALU/PE film


9)  Silicone Paper (low gramaj)

10)  Kraft Paper (brown or white)

11)  Greaseproof Paper

12)  Woodfree Paper

13)  Label Paper

14)  Metallized Paper

15)  Aluminium Paper

Please contact us for any of your similar demands.

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